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In a context of general awareness of the health risks linked to the presence of polluted materials in buildings, REMOVE Inc.'s mission is to be part of the vast decontamination campaign undertaken by authorities.

The company draws its experience from its belonging of the French group REMOVE, a recognized player in asbestos and lead removal work for several years and operating within one of the most stringent regulatory frameworks in the world in this area.

The health issue being vital, our mission is backed up by our values, which are transparency in our processes, as well as the trust at the heart of our relationships between our teams, customers and various partners.

Our team
Our team

Decontamination projects studies, in the context of renovation or demolition work.

Execution of decontamination work.

Air quality monitoring.

Management of polluted waste.

Asbestos and lead


Asbestos is a family of natural minerals with a fibrous texture, which has been used extensively in building materials for its exceptional properties.

His ban is the consequence of its highly toxic and carcinogenic nature for humans, by inhalation.

Still present in many buildings and equipment, asbestos remains a major public health and occupational health issue.

Strict regulations have been set in order to protect exposed people, mainly construction workers, during renovation or demolition works in asbestos environment.



Lead is a chemical element mainly found in paints and other coatings.

Highly toxic, the absorption of dust and degraded paint residues causes serious illness in those most at risk , in particular children and construction workers.

Therefore it is important to detect lead in its environment, and to have it removed by professionals.


Transparency is one of the keys of trust each other, therefore we are pleased to explain our methodology, from the study of the contaminated site, to the restitution of the site once decontaminated, and the management of the waste generated.

Method and quotation

Based on the document characterizing the contaminated materials and the site's spatio-temporal constraints, we establish a safe, optimized and most economical method, in order to offer you a quote that complies with current requirements and in complete transparency.

Deployment and preparatory work

The preparatory work consists in revealing contaminated materials, marking out and strictly confining the work area, with protection of non-decontaminable surfaces. Tests make it possible to ensure the tightness of the confined area, in order to prevent any risk of environmental contamination.

Removal work

Removal work of contaminated materials is carried out by qualified operators, whose protection is ensured by approved protective equipment, and using techniques and equipment intended to limit the emission of dust as much as possible. Air samples are taken daily and analyzed by an external laboratory to ensure the non-contamination of the environment, and the quality of the air inhaled by our workers.

Withdrawal of facilities and waste management

Final cleaning and site withdrawal are carried out after an external verification of the conformity of our work. The waste generated is conditioned and then transported in compliance with regulations to an approved treatment site.

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